Barrett L. (Barry) Zahn Chief Operating Officer comes back to GroupHILL from ICG Telecom Group, Inc. Prior to ICG, he had 24 years of experience at AT&T and Mountain Bell. In addition to his talents in managing a growing service business with a decidedly e-commerce approach, he has had significant responsibilities for software tool development and database management. Dr. Zahn and Dr. Hill completed their DBAs together and have been working on various technical and economic solutions for the health care and telecommunications industries for nearly 20 years.

At ICG Telecom Group Barry served as Vice President and General Manager for the state of Colorado Migrating to Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Central Region of the US. In his role as Senior Vice President and General Manager, he was responsible for all facets of the Income Statement ($87 million revenue, $30 million EBITDA, fiscal year 1998) for ICG's operations in Colorado and Texas. This included direct responsibility for Sales, Service Delivery, Operations, Customer Service, Planning, Engineering, Outside Plant, LEC Management, and Project Management.

Previously, Barry held various positions with AT&T in Access Management, Networks Services, Government Affairs, Capital Management, Business Services, Finance, Data Systems, and Engineering. He began his telecommunications career with Mountain Bell in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1972. In his last position with AT&T, Barry managed an organization that had an annual operating budget of $3.2 million, whose role it was to manage the price paid to three major access suppliers (U S WEST (now Qwest), PacBell (now AT&T), and GTE) and over 200 minor suppliers of access in eighteen states. This organization was also responsible for planning the use of Competitive Access Providers and AT&T build options in the U S WEST, PacBell, and GTE regions. A significant part of this position was to be an expert witness in matters of micro-economics, rates, and costs before regulatory bodies.

Barry holds a Doctorate of Business Administration degree from Nova Southeastern University granted in 1989. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Wyoming and a Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics (Magna Cum Laude) from Chapman College.