History of the Firm:

In 1980, Bradford T. Hill, MA, MT(ASCP) DBA, founded Clinical Laboratory Consultants (CLC).  The firm focused on determining the real cost of laboratory services and cost dynamics.  Several software tools were developed that assisted laboratories across the U.S. and Canada to determine competitive fee schedules that were based on the actual cost (by CPT Code) of the testing provided.  Those costs were compared to existing fee schedules to see if the laboratory could compete. Even in fiercely competitive outreach markets that were dominated by large reference laboratories, hospital clients began to profitably compete.  When actual costs were determined for a given institution, and those costs compared to other Clinical Laboratory Consultants’ clients, a database of high performance laboratories developed.  From these efforts a series of characteristics of the higher performing laboratories began to emerge which became the basis of a proprietary library of best practices.

Also during the early 1980s much of Dr. Hill’s efforts were focused on a human reference laboratory, in which he was a partner that was transformed into a purely veterinary reference laboratory.  Much was learned about high service level operations due to the often emergent needs of veterinary “patients” (not unlike neonatology), marketing of services where there was no “safety net” of an insured patient base, and competition with large reference laboratory chains. 

Hill was asked by the Medical Group Management Association to survey its membership to determine the likely effects of the Deficit Reduction Act on laboratory services.  These efforts resulted in a broad and deep exposure to the needs of physicians caring for ambulatory patients and a textbook on laboratory economics and operations

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, CLC developed a subscription service called IMPROVE™ which tracks several key performance characteristics of clinical laboratories and presents them graphically – showing very quickly and precisely whether or not there was demonstrable improvement since the last quarter’s performance. 

Much of the 1990s were dedicated to reengineering various hospital, group practice and reference laboratory operations.  In 1994 CLC was merged with Chi Laboratory Systems, Inc., which was later sold to a venture capital firm.  While at Chi Laboratory Systems, Inc., Dr. Hill served as Vice President and Managing Principal, Re-engineering / Transition Management.  After leaving Chi, Hill went on to be the national and international service line leader for the Laboratory Division of the Health Care Consulting Practice of Ernst & Young.  E&Y later sold the Health Care Practice to Cap Gemini, a French firm, and Dr. Hill established GroupHILL in 2000

While the practice remains founded on cost identification, best practice emulation, change management, outreach development/optimization, and process redesign, the focus since 2000 has been Value Creation – a subtle but powerful melding of all of GroupHILL’s individual practice parameters and services, especially in setting and implementing strategic direction.

The team:

Bradford T. Hill , MA, MT (ASCP),DBA –President and Director – with over 27 years of consulting and change management experience.

Education: B.S. Zoology and Chemistry University of Wyoming under full scholarship, MT (ASCP) Internship through the University of Wisconsin / Mercy Medical Center , Oshkosh , M.A. Central Michigan University , D.B.A (Doctorate in Business Administration) Nova University .

Caroline Fraser, MS, MT(ASCP) - Senior Consultant - has over 18 years of experience in a broad variety of laboratories and projects. She and Dr. Hill have collaborated on the consolidation of six hospital laboratories and the development of core labs and outreach programs to compliment those efforts. Caroline has special expertise and background in managing hospital-based reference laboratory joint venture operations.

Barrett L. Zahn, DBA, MBA - Chief Operating Officer has a broad background in healthcare and telecommunications economics. Dr. Zahn is published in CLMR and other journals and focuses his efforts primarily on operations, Internet and information technologies, and laboratory econometrics. Dr. Zahn’s primary in-house efforts support the line of financial modeling and costing software tools (Clinical Laboratory Solution™ and the inter-laboratory comparative data base (IMPROVE™).

Education: B.A. Magna Cum Laude Business and Economics Chapman College M.B.A. University of Wyoming D.B.A. Nova University .

Professional Advisory Board -

A knowledgeable and experienced cadre of pathologists, administrators, and administrative laboratory directors come together from time to time to advise GroupHILL and, in some cases, clients on strategic issues and industry direction.  The Board members include key players from one of the largest integrated delivery systems with shared laboratory services, a large academic and community hospital based private reference laboratory and several of the most well respected academic medical center-based reference laboratories.