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Happening Now:

Dr. Hill presented a formal update of the Compass Group Benchmarking Program along with the new release of a unique Laboratory Services Value Model at the Spring Meeting of the Compass Group (a prestigious group of 23 of the largest IDN System Laboratory operations in the U.S.) at the Carolinas Health Care on April 3-5, 2014.  Hill Chairs the Benchmarking System Program for the Compass Group.

After nearly three years of analysis, strategic and tactical planning, and finally, initial implementation support, our most recent project and ongoing success is the integration of NSLIJ (North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System) and NYCHHC (New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation) into a very large, single, shared CORE laboratory model servicing all five boroughs of New York City and the western end of Long Island.

International News

Dr. Hill continues his efforts in strengthening the laboratory infrastructure of Sub-Saharan Africa via a ongoing guest lectureship which began at the George Washington University/Association of Public Health Laboratories International Laboratory Management Institute in Washington, D.C. the week of October 15 to the 26, 2008.  Lectures included Financial Management, Problem Solving and Decision Making (process and analytical tools) and Strategic Planning. Earlyast year, Hill led a team in Bagamoyo, Tanzania delivering an updated week of Leadership Training followed by a full strategic planning session which resulted in a “National Strategic Plan for Laboratory Support Program and the National Quality Assurance and Training Center” March 10-14, 2008 in Arusha, Tanzania.  The Plan has now been submitted to and accepted by the Ministry of Health for finalization and implementation.  Late that year, Dr. Hill performed an analysis and developed recommendations for the national wide area network of the LIS for the Namibia Institute of Pathology in Windhoek, Namibia.  With the help of APHL and GroupHILL, these planning results and recommendations were integrated into the new Strategic Plan at a formal strategic planning session for the (national Public Health Laboratories) Namibia Institute of Pathology in December of 2008.
A task force studying laboratory services in Africa came to the conclusion that while the technical training for professional laboratorians in Africa was quite good, very few of the technologists/managers had any business/management training.  To begin to correct that situation, Dr. Brad Hill and a team from APHL created and taught a 5 day course for CDC and APHL (Association of Public Health Laboratories) in lab management and organizational behavior for a group of 30 lab managers and directors in Harare, Zimbabwe at the end of April, 2004.  Since then he has lead several teams on multiple trips to Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia, and again in Zimbabwe.  Since 2007 the course has been nicknamed a “mini-MBA” and demand for a formalized “certificate” is growing. These efforts continue to grow and now include Botswana and Mozambique.
Dr Hill has presented his ongoing efforts in strengthening the laboratory infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa at the Annual International Aids Conference in Toronto.

Professional Notes

GroupHILL welcomes Les Wold, MD, who recently from Mayo Clinic after a 25-year career in Pathology at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota to our distinguished Advisory Panel of industry experts.  Before becoming a member of the GroupHILL Advisory Panel and of the emeritus staff at Mayo Clinic, Les was the Geraldine Colby Zeiler Professor of Cytopathology and Chair of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology.   Over the course of his career Les had professional oversight of the laboratory outreach activities which were coordinated under Mayo Medical Laboratories (MML) and he acted as the Board Chair of Mayo Collaborative Services, Inc, the legal entity under which MML operated.  Drs. Hill and Wold recently completed Phases 1 and 2 of a major project to assess and then optimize culture and accountability of the three key stakeholders in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Stanford University Medical Center (Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, and the Department of Pathology of the School of Medicine).

GroupHILL regrets the untimely loss of Russell Duke, PhD, former CEO of TriCore Reference Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM who has served so well on our distinguished Advisory Panel of industry experts.

Current and very recent GroupHILL clients

Current and very recent GroupHILL clients and projects include ongoing Benchmarking Chair for the Compass Group, a strategic alliance of 25 large integrated delivery networks (IDNs) that includes over 350 hospital laboratories with 23 large CORE labs,  Renown Health System in Reno, NV (Laboratory Assessment and Strategic Planning), Crozer Keystone Health System in Pennsylvania (Market Opportunity Assessment and Operations Assessment), Alaska Regional Hospital, APHL (Association of Public Health Laboratories), Strategic Planning Summit and Execution Support for Stanford University Medical Center and Lucille Packard Childrens Hospital and Operational Optimization and Benchmarking for Loma Linda University Medical Center. 

Our most recent project and ongoing success is the integration of NSLIJ (North Shore Long Island Jewish) and NYCHHC (New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation) into a very large single shared CORE laboratory servicing most of Manhattan and the western end of Long Island.

For additional recent publications and presentations, please see the Publications page.

Industry Notes

GroupHILL is pleased to announce that LABORATORY ECONOMiCS has now been added to our "Links to Other Sites" page. LABORATORY ECONOMiCS is the monthly business newsletter that gets behind the headlines and press releases. Our editors talk directly to the people making the news, providing you with a first-hand view on lab marketplace developments. Every issue ofLABORATORY ECONOMiCS packed with hard data, clear analysis and valuable business strategies that will help your lab or pathology group become more successful.

GroupHILL recently announced that CLSI has now been added to our "Links to Other Sites" page. The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (formerly NCCLS) produces 200 different “gold standard” best practice documents and companion tools used by industry, government and healthcare professionals. Its mission is to “develop best practices in clinical and laboratory testing and promote their use throughout the world, using a consensus-driven process that balances the viewpoints of industry, government, and the healthcare professions.”

Other News

The CLSI (formerly NCCLS) has approved the new Standard for remote access via the Internet to diagnostic devices.  The Standard is: AUTO9-A ISBN 1-56238-599-2 ISSN 0273-3099 Volume 26 Number 11 Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute.  Dr. Hill served on the committee that spent over a year creating the new Standard.  The implications of such remote access and potential remote control have major strategic potential for the future of the industry.  Hill discussed these implications at the International Quality and Productivity Center Remote Device Monitoring and Management Summit: Leveraging Technology to Drive Competitiveness.

Hill continues to present a 90 minute metaphor for management and leadership based on fly fishing for trout in multiple venues.  The presentation was first well received at the annual IMSS (Intermountain States Seminar) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on September 17, 2004 and again at several regional CLMA meetings.  “A great idea poorly presented is not well received in organizations and will not be embraced by its staff and stakeholders, just as a perfect match of the hatch of mayflies amateurishly splashed on the surface (indelicately forced on the organization) will scare fish rather than incite a rise and take of the fly by the trout.”