The last decade has seen great change forced upon the health care industry.  In many cases justifiably, this was done in haste as radical change was needed to compete in an environment of drastically reduced reimbursement and fierce competition.  Frequently institutions were given new ground rules in regard to the resources available, but no real change or redesign in the processes and infrastructure available to the laboratorians.  GroupHILL approaches the hard work of redesign via real innovation in an atmosphere of open and honest collaboration.  In our approach, change potential is data driven - but the actual change possible is often rooted in the client culture.  By providing data, tools and change management to support cultural shifts, GroupHILL assists its clients to turn the data into real information and ideas into implemented success. GroupHILL puts control of the change back in the hands of the client.

Based on the self-knowledge so created, consulting services can then be accessed, at the discretion of the client, via our traditional collaborative interventions or via our unique "coaching" sessions which can be scheduled for any one of several various telecommunication (audio, video, distance learning, and web-based connectivity) implementations.

CONSULTING is really the core of the company' business and the source of the need and development of the specialized software products.  It is through this intimate contact with our consulting clients that GroupHILL discovers needs and problems for which we formulate specific and practical solutions.

GroupHILL’s Consulting Division provides expert advice, analysis, recommendations and problem resolution services on a client-specific as-needed basis.   Our consulting staff will also design and conduct educational seminars on current health care topics.  Because each consulting engagement is so unique based on the wide diversity of each individual clients.  It is impossible to provide a comprehensive list of services performed.  A sampling of those services would include, but not be limited to:

bullet Strategic Planning;
bullet Change Management;
bullet Establishing a culture of accountability;
bullet Performance management;
bullet Outreach program evaluation and implementation;
bullet Development of marketing plans;
bullet Development of business plans;
bullet Company valuations;
bullet Joint ventures;
bullet Mergers;
bullet Acquisitions;
bullet Outreach development;
bullet LIS selection and implementation;
bullet CPT coding;
bullet Complete financial analysis and diagnosis;
bullet Pricing strategies;
bullet Contract analysis;
bullet Productivity review;
bullet Organizational development;
bullet Morale building;
bullet Team building;
bullet A complete line of compliance services and compliance program development; and
bullet Revenue optimization.

Specific proposals are developed in close association with the perspective client's full involvement and every attempt is made to match budget constraints and project scope.   If, however, we find that what must be accomplished greatly exceeds the budge allowed, we have been known to quietly reject consulting assignments.  Our policy of strict refusal to compromise either the client's or our own standards has been a pivotal part of our success and our clients' satisfaction.