GroupHILL is a management-consulting firm focused upon identifying and implementing improvement opportunities for anatomic and clinical laboratories, in short: value creation.  Our deep understanding of the challenges facing those responsible for anatomic and clinical laboratory services, whether at single institutions or at the very large networks and integrated systems, serves our clients well in creating innovative responses that run the gamut from developing a "culture of metrics" to allow for rational decisions and accurate monitoring of results to the implementation of remotely operated and validated POS laboratory services.

GroupHILL is a people-oriented firm.   In the words of one of our clients “institutions don’t integrate, people do”.  Unlike traditional consulting firms that target primarily cost reduction, GroupHILL takes the “real world” approach as would be used by empowered leadership.  Along with the client, we are charged with improving service levels, increasing productivity and effectiveness, decreasing costs and aggressively yet judiciously growing profitable diagnostic testing services.  This comprehensive approach results in goals which, while stretching the laboratory’s infrastructure, result in measurable and “implementable” plans for the future.
 GroupHILL is very proud of the fact that to this date close to 100 percent of our projects have moved from the analysis and feasibility stage on to actual implementation, most often with our professional assistance.  In addition, we have clients which have adopted our approaches to process improvement and value creation as an embedded part of their culture.   At least two of these institutions have documented their long-term successes in the professional literature.

In the simplest terms our approach is to:

  1. Objectively measure present performance via proprietary, laboratory-specific, disciplined and objective benchmarking against industry-leading institutions that have devised a series of documented best practices;
  2. Gain consensus on the implications and the quantification of improvement opportunities;
  3. Develop business and implementation plans which will allow for the adoption of not only existing best practices, but by creating an environment and culture that embrace change, enable the development and implementation of new and innovative best practices; and finally
  4. Assist the client institution to fully realize its unique potential. Value Creation!